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Municipal World Journal is North America’s preeminent publication on
municipal assessment & taxation, featuring cases, commentary,
news, trends, ideas, warnings, and best practices for tax professionals.

Regular Feature Columns Include

  • Coast to Coast to Coast: news briefs from Canada & the United States
  • That’s an Idea!: ideas, policies and practices to adapt to save and increase tax revenue
  • Legal Briefs: summaries of interesting cases
  • Horrible Warnings: increasing ramifications on valuation & tax revenue
  • Resources: books, articles, reports
  • Work Word: new words and novel definitions
  • Quotable Quotes: quotes worth noting & repeating
  • … and much more!
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Talking Points!

Besides ideas from other jurisdictions you can adopt and adapt, Municipal World Journal includes trends – and warnings – that are affecting and will affect the industry in different measures. And, contrary to the public impression, we know readers are human beings – we seek out the quirky and amusing because the truth also makes for good icebreakers at meetings …

Municipal World Journal is an essential tool for staying “plugged in” to news, views, and commentary in this rapidly evolving field!

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