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Thriving Mayor Show, Episode 21 - Ian McCormack

Join Mike Hubicki and Ian McCormack, CMC , author of “Who’s Driving the Grader? and other governance questions” on Episode 21 of the Thriving Mayor Show. Ian is president of Strategic Steps, loves what he does and sharing his wisdom and Ianisms, such as: – No strategy survives first contact with reality – It’s never about what it’s about – Stop doing stupid stuff – You don’t know what you don’t know and – Closing on a positive tone. Ian’s book can be purchased at:…​ ​

Ian lives in the space between appointed or elected officials and organizations’ managers. Since 2000, Ian has worked on governance and structural reviews, strategy development and implementation, and orientations or refreshers for boards of directors and elected officials. He has done this both as an employee of government and as a business adviser in the private sector, working for himself and others. As a nationally recognized Certified Management Consultant (CMC) his areas of interest include local government, libraries, post-secondary education, health, non-profit organizations and community safety. Visit Ian’s website at:

P.S. make sure to watch past the 3:00 minute mark when Ian rejoins the broadcast.

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