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Letters to the Editor

Thank you for your interest in Municipal World!

Municipal World welcomes letters to the editor and will consider every letter for possible publication in an upcoming issue. We read all letters and try to choose those that add depth to an issue that has been discussed in our pages.

Guidelines for submission of letters to the editor:

  • All letters must include your  full name, address,  and a day-time telephone number where you can be reached for verification. (Your name, city, and organization where applicable will be included with your letter if published.)
  • Letters should be no more than 150-200 words in length, and must be original and not published elsewhere, whether in print or online.
  • Letters that are anonymous or written under pseudonyms will not be considered for publication.
  • Municipal World reserves the right to edit or abridge all letters for length, clarity, redundancy, accuracy, and civility, within its discretion. All letters become property of Municipal World.

Please contact the Editor using the Contact Us page for more information or to submit your comments.