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City of Toronto Jobs

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City of Toronto proper had 2.93 million residents in 2017, which makes it the biggest city in Canada. The underground PATH network in Toronto measures 371,600 square metres and is the largest underground shopping complex in the world. Toronto’s downtown core is highly developed and has some of the worst traffic congestion in North America. Unlike other cities in Canada, three major sports stadiums are located downtown, as well as the CN Tower, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and the Toronto Stock Exchange. The city is also the headquarters of Canada’s five largest banks and many large Canadian and multinational corporations. Toronto City Hall is a large and multi-faceted 21st century enterprise with state-of-the-art public facing service departments and equipment. As of the end of March 2019, there were 34,614 active employees in the Toronto Public Service. This does not consider the multitude of support staff who are employed in the City’s Agencies, Boards, or Commissions, for example the TTC, Toronto Police Services, Toronto Public Library, or the Association of Community Centres, etc., or the city’s four Accountability Officers. An additional 8,400 seasonal workers or 22% of the total workforce is hired for summer jobs which have the seemingly paradoxical designation of ‘Recreation Worker’. Toronto’s economy is highly diversified with strengths in technology, design, financial services, life sciences, education, arts, fashion, business services, environmental innovation, food services, and tourism. The city is a prominent internal production center for music, theatre, motion pictures, and television productions, and is home to the headquarters of Canada’s major national broadcast networks and media outlets