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City of St. John’s Jobs

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With 113,948 residents (2017), St. John’s is the capital and largest city of the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The city spans 446.04 square kilometres (172.22 sq mi) on the eastern tip of the Avalon Peninsula, and is North America’s easternmost city. The city has 43 kilometers of bike lanes. Metrobus has 19 routes, and 53 buses. Its history and culture have made it into an important tourist destination. St. John’s economy is connected to both its role as the provincial capital of Newfoundland and Labrador and to the ocean. The civil service is supported by the federal, provincial and municipal governments and has been the key to the expansion of the city’s labour force and to the stability of its economy, which supports a sizable retail, service and business sector. St. John’s is governed by a mayor-council system, and the structure of the municipal government is stipulated by the City of St. John’s Act. The St. John’s City Council is a unicameral legislative body composed of a mayor, deputy mayor and nine councillors. The mayor, deputy mayor and four of the councillors are elected at large while the five other councillors represent geographical wards throughout the city. The city is at the center of the oil and gas industry in Eastern Canada and is one of 19 World Energy Cities. ExxonMobil Canada is headquartered in St. John’s alongside companies such as Chevron, Husky Energy, Suncor Energy and Statoil which all have major regional operations in the city. Four major offshore oil developments, Hibernia, Hebron, Terra Nova and White Rose employs hundreds of highly skilled workers in the oilfields off the coast of Newfoundland.