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City of Markham Jobs

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Located approximately 30 kilometres north east of downtown Toronto, the City of Markham Ontario is an urban centre in the Regional Municipality of York and the eastern part of the Greater Toronto Area. The City of Markham had 342,970 residents in 2017. Markham just recently changed its status from town to city on Canada Day, July 1, 2012. Markham City Council consists of a mayor and four regional councillors and eight ward councillors each representing one of the city’s eight wards. The mayor and four regional councillors are elected by the community to represent the City of Markham at the regional level. The selection of members for the offices of mayor and regional councillors are made town-wide, while ward councillors are elected by individual ward. Councillors are paid by the municipality for their services, but in many municipalities, members of council usually only serve part-time. The current members of council were elected by the residents to a four-year term of office. City council is located at the Markham Civic Centre which exists at the intersection of York Regional Road 7 and Warden Avenue. The Markham Public Library system has seven branches. Markham has a pedestrian friendly main street which accommodates many seasonal festivals, most notably the Markham Winter Street Festival.