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City of London Jobs

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City of London Ontario counted 383,822 residents during the 2016 Canadian census. The city is well positioned, located approximately 200 kilometers from both Toronto and Detroit. London is a separated municipality; it’s politically separate from Middlesex County, though it remains the county seat. London’s municipal government is divided among fourteen councillors (one representing each of London’s fourteen wards) and the mayor. The economy here is dominated by medical research, insurance, manufacturing, and information technology. Much of the life sciences and biotechnology-related research is conducted or supported by the University of Western Ontario, which adds about C$1.5 billion to the London economy annually. In 2016, London was home to 300 technology companies that employ 3% of the city’s labour force. The city maintains over twenty different parks and swimming pools and prides itself on the enhanced accessibility of all its facilities in accordance with the Facility Accessibility Design Standards (FADS) which it adopted in 2001. These principles have since been used to guide the construction of all new municipal facilities and upgrade existing buildings and parks to remove any barriers that might prevent anyone from enjoying their public spaces.

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