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City of Edmonton Jobs

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Edmonton is the official capital of the Province of Alberta and is located on the North Saskatchewan River in the center of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region at the north-end of the Calgary–Edmonton Corridor. The city had 932,546 residents in 2016 which makes it Alberta’s second-largest city and Canada’s fifth-largest municipality. The city is divided into 375 neighbourhoods within seven geographic sectors. Edmonton and 34 other municipalities in the surrounding area form the Edmonton Metropolitan Region which had a combined population of 1,321,426 residents in 2016. Edmonton is also recognized as North America’s northernmost metropolitan area with a population over one million people. Edmonton City Workers enjoy customized Employee Development Plans which is how supervisors provide continuous learning opportunities for their staff. Employees work with their supervisor one on one to create a learning plan to improve and build their skills. Once the learning plan has been approved, there are options and resources available to achieve the goals set. Sometimes called Festival City, Edmonton is host to North America’s largest shopping mall, the West Edmonton Mall and Fort Edmonton Park, Canada’s largest living history museum.

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