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City of Coquitlam Jobs

Start a Career in Coquitlam

City of Coquitlam has 139,284 residents (2016 census) and is the sixth largest city in British Columbia. The municipal government provides and maintains the community’s essential services including clean water, garbage collection, sewer systems, roads and sidewalks, streetlights, fire and police protection, libraries, and parks, and recreational facilities such as skating rinks, gymnasiums and swimming pools. There are usually parks and rec jobs available here. The city has unique policies and land-use planning, and a good record of responding to the community’s needs and clever planning for the future. Coquitlam is served by TransLink, which is responsible for both public transit and major roads. The city has four SkyTrain stations on the Millennium Line that runs from the Coquitlam City Centre area, through Coquitlam Central Station and into Port Moody.

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