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Empowering local governments through planning, procurement solutions

by Gordian
in Finance, Kinetic, Procurement
June, 2024

In an era where efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount, local governments across North America are increasingly turning to innovative solutions to manage their planning and procurement needs. Gordian – a leading provider of construction cost data, software, and expertise – has emerged as a key player in this transformative process.

With solutions tailored to enhance the efficiency of construction projects and facility maintenance, Gordian has been instrumental in assisting municipalities in Canada and communities throughout the United States. Learn more about how the company’s solutions have provided essential support, focusing on two significant success stories from Mississauga, Ontario, and Atlanta, Georgia.

Playing an Integral Role in Municipal Innovation

Municipalities face a myriad of challenges, from maintaining aging infrastructure to managing new construction projects within tight budgets and timelines. Gordian’s integrated approach, which combines robust data, software, and expert knowledge, provides local governments with the tools they need to streamline their processes and make informed decisions.

One of the key offerings from Gordian is its Job Order Contracting (JOC) solution, a construction procurement method that helps municipalities expedite project delivery by establishing pre-priced, task-order contracts for construction services. This method is particularly useful for renovation and repair projects, allowing cities to complete many projects quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality.

Success Story: City of Mississauga, Ont.

Mississauga, home to over 830,000 residents, is one of Canada’s major cities and hosts numerous Fortune 500 companies. As the city expanded, its Facilities and Property Management Department faced challenges managing a vast portfolio of municipal buildings, including fire stations, libraries, and transit facilities.

Previously, the department struggled with outdated budgeting methods and insufficient data, which hindered effective capital management. In 2009/10, Mississauga implemented the VFA Facility Condition Assessment service to overhaul its asset management processes. The project was executed in phases, starting with assessments on a selection of buildings to gather stakeholder support, followed by comprehensive evaluations of all facilities, covering over 423,942 square feet.

This approach refined the city’s asset management strategy, with the initial assessments revealing a building and site asset value of nearly CAD $1.3 billion, which has since increased to over CAD $2 billion. Using the detailed assessment data, Mississauga now runs funding scenarios and prioritizes projects, leading to robust, data-driven capital plans. The VFA tool has been pivotal in helping the city maintain accurate and up-to-date facility information, enabling well-informed, defensible budgeting and planning decisions.

Today, Mississauga continues to benefit from enhanced visibility and precise data, ensuring sustainable urban development and improved service delivery to its community.

Success Story: Atlanta, Ga.’s Public Facilities

Shifting to the United States, in the bustling City of Atlanta, the Department of Enterprise Asset Management pursues a lofty goal: to maximize the value of assets through a systematic approach that delivers efficient and sustainable world-class facilities. This mission is crucial for a rapidly growing city tasked with meeting the diverse needs of its citizens. The department oversees an extensive portfolio of 51 facilities, including 34 fire stations, eight police precincts, multiple neighborhood centers and city hall, all of which require ongoing maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.

To efficiently manage these demands and optimize facility investments, Atlanta has implemented Gordian’s JOC solutions. JOC allows the city to consolidate various project requirements into single, competitively bid contracts, significantly reducing overhead and simplifying management. This procurement method offers Atlanta the agility to swiftly address emergencies and routine maintenance, ensuring that public facilities continue to serve the community effectively.

The success of JOC in Atlanta is evident as the Department of Enterprise Asset Management has extended these contracts across city departments, catalyzing a wide range of projects. Over the past four years, Atlanta has completed over 50 projects with Gordian, totaling $90 million. This strategic partnership has not only facilitated immediate repairs and upgrades but also supported long-term planning and federal grant acquisition, enhancing community facilities and services across the city.

Gordian’s Impact Across North America

The experiences of Mississauga and Atlanta illustrate the scalable benefits of Gordian’s solutions. By providing tools that facilitate project efficiency, cost management and quality control, Gordian has helped numerous municipalities across Canada and the United States to enhance their infrastructure and services. The success of these projects not only demonstrates the organization’s ability to adapt to different municipal needs but also highlights the potential for other cities to implement similar strategies.

As municipalities continue to navigate the complexities of infrastructure development and maintenance, Gordian’s planning and procurement solutions offer a proven pathway to success. Through its innovative approach, the company not only improves the efficiency and effectiveness of local government projects but also contributes to the broader goal of building sustainable and thriving communities.

Whether in Canada or the United States, Gordian’s impact is a testament to the power of integrated solutions in transforming local government operations. As cities face future challenges, partnerships with experts will be crucial in ensuring that municipalities continue to serve their communities effectively, making every dollar count towards building a better tomorrow.

Download our guide for a deep dive into the steps of the building lifecycle, the challenges organizations face at each step and the solutions Gordian offers to help them budget, build and maintain their capital-intensive building assets.

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