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Chief Operating Officer

Claystone Waste Ltd.
Claystone Waste Ltd.
Application Deadline: 2024-07-31
Date Posted: 2024-07-09
Location: Ryley, Alberta
Compensation: $150,000 +


Claystone Waste Ltd.



Claystone Waste Ltd. is an Albertan leader in waste management. Their vision is to serve the people in communities across Western Canada.

Claystone Waste Ltd. was established as a municipally controlled corporation in 2020 by the Town of Tofield, the Town of Viking, the Village of Ryley, the Village of Holden and Beaver County. Claystone Waste previously operated as Beaver Municipal Solutions and the Beaver Regional Waste Management Services Commission. Their landfill has been in operation since 1992 to service the waste management needs of communities within Beaver County, Alberta. The size and complexity of their operations have grown since that time, and now Claystone Waste is a western Canadian leader in waste management servicing a diverse range of municipal and industrial customers as well as running one of the largest commercial aerating composters in Alberta and a number of rural and urban waste collection and transfer stations.

They have enjoyed steady growth and financial success despite the ever-changing economic conditions in Alberta. Their commitment to all of their stakeholders; employees, residents, and municipal shareholders, remains a top priority.

As a municipally controlled corporation, Claystone Waste is committed to being a responsive community partner and to operating with the highest standards of environmental and operational excellence in the delivery of waste management services.

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Based on planned diversification of operations and corporate growth, Claystone needs to add a COO to the executive leadership team.


Key Responsibilities

As COO, you will be responsible for carrying out objectives, policies, and goals set out by the CEO, coordinating, directing and administering the major aspects of the organization and any subsidiary operations as well as participating in various business development activities including proof of concept, business case development, and mergers and acquisitions. Unlike most COO roles, this has a number of outwardly facing responsibilities in addition to overall executive accountability for business operations outside of finance and human resources.


Duties will include:

  • Major contributor to the development of organizational strategy;
  • Shares accountability for achieving organizational goals with other executive team members;
  • Within organizational strategy, responsible for establishing and implementing operational policies and processes;
  • Plans and directs company operations to ensure that strategic goals are met, including implementing short and long-term objectives, strategies and policies for the entire company;
  • Recommends budgetary and operational objectives and performance monitoring activities;
  • Directly accountable for organization’s major line functions and may support other staff functions such as sales and marketing;
  • Lead the team of technical service professionals, as the chief engineer and designer, to develop and manage all environmental, engineering, and infrastructure projects to meet or exceed government standards and regulations;
  • Works with management to design, develop, and modify the products, services, and facilities of the organization;
  • Coordinates implementation of product and facility changes and the costing and purchasing of associated materials and equipment;
  • Assesses processes and environmental conditions to ensure compliance with local and federal regulatory agencies and organization safety standards;


Responsible for current and long-term process and project engineering activities throughout the organization. Establishes the overall objectives and initiatives of the technical services department. Reports to the CEO and is responsible for

  • Planning and implementation of engineering strategies and activities;
  • Manages and conducts project development and technical application programs to improve efficiencies, design and build facility projects and enhance facility processes;
  • Determines and establishes goals, scope, approaches, and budgets to accomplish overall objectives and goals;


Provides on-going guidance, coaching, and feedback to direct reports. As well, you will be accountable for the daily management and coordination of the overall operations of the organization including:

  • Overseeing, monitoring, and evaluating the operational performance of all departments within your portfolio;
  • Directing the preparation of operating budgets and proposals for capital expenditure and investments in infrastructure, technology, equipment, systems, or other assets and resources;
  • Analyzing and approving operational investments that best meet the organization’s business needs;
  • Oversee the opening or closing of facilities and the operational aspects of mergers and acquisitions;


You will be responsible for achieving the organization’s operational and financial goals. This role helps to control, direct and participate in the activities of the organization through a hierarchy of managers and supervisors. Activities include:

  • Long-term strategic planning; determine the policies of the organization; allocate its resources and make decisions regarding organization growth and diversification to accomplish the organization’s vision;
  • Develops mid to long-term (3-5 years) plans for optimizing the organization, function, or sub-function and the talent required to execute strategies in each department;
  • Establishes and implements strategies that have mid to long-term (3-5 years) impact on business results in alignment with organization objectives;
  • Support the sales and business development of the strategic plan through organic growth and mergers and acquisitions;
  • Leads multiple teams of lower-level executives, directors/senior managers, and managers;



In this role you will have a heavy focus and primary accountability for delivering a culture of health and safety. You will act as a steward for corporate operational programs and processes which will, in turn, ensure the overall safety and well-being of all employees, ensure occupational and environmental standards compliance, and deliver outstanding results. As such, the successful applicant will have the following:


Personal Characteristics

  • Professional Engineering, Biologist or Agronomist designation from an accredited provincial engineering association, or the ability to gain such a designation;
  • Post-secondary engineering degree with 15+ years management experience in operations with oversight for strategic planning, financial P&L, capital resources, and people leadership;
  • Ideally you possess senior/expert level engineering experience in waste management, public works, or municipal infrastructure, plus related industrial/commercial operational environment experience ideally;
  • Ideally you possess senior level sales and business development in the utility, environmental technology, logistics, or other applicable industry that regularly met or exceeded financial targets, organizational growth, while maintaining a focus on customer service, environmental regulations, and safety;


Core Competencies

  • Demonstrated change management leadership experience with the ability to facilitate and motivate others to adopt changes within a business focusing on continuous improvement; You are adaptable and comfortable operating in a dynamic environment;
  • Superior business communication skills in both written and verbal formats. You have ability to speak coherently, voice your thoughts eloquently, and interact with a wide spectrum of stakeholders, from front line staff to our Board of Directors, in an effective manner;
  • Building and enhancing customer relations that focuses on a customer centric approach;
  • You are skilled at analyzing technical and non-technical challenges and opportunities across both internal operations, the business as a whole, and the market in general. Moreover, you are able to lead your team collaboratively to build potential solutions as well as identifying and leading the implementation of the optimal solutions;
  • You are a self-confident leader, able to hold your colleagues accountable and motivate staff with vision and innovative thinking. You build and foster successful relationships and you enjoy managing differing perspectives and opinions. You support staff and foster a safe, healthy, and rewarding work environment:



  • For the successful candidate, we offer a generous compensation plan consisting of base salary, variable pay plan, superior benefits, pension program, vehicle allowance and more.


We understand and appreciate our clients’ ever-increasing desire for candidates to reflect the communities in which they work and live. Hire Engine is committed to inclusivity and diversity as we search for outstanding leadership talent for our clients.

  • For more information or to apply, please contact:

Steven Davidson



Hire Engine is a Western Canadian talent management firm; supporting talent acquisition, engagement, and retention for a wide range of clients. We work with top organizations in every industry that value a personalized and collaborative talent partnership with an agency based on loyalty, ingenuity, diligence, and creativity.

Claystone Waste Ltd.
Application Deadline: 2024-07-31
Date Posted: 2024-07-09
Location: Ryley, Alberta
Compensation: $150,000 +