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Ian Chadwick

Ian Chadwick is a veteran of 40 years in the media, working as a newspaper reporter and managing editor, and a local correspondent for CBC Radio’s Ontario Morning show. He also hosted a current events program on cable television.

Over the past decades, Ian has written for many publications, including Municipal WorldInfoAgeMicrocomputer NewsStrategy & TacticsMoves, and Discover Mexico. He has been interviewed on TV, radio and in print many times.

Ian has been involved with electronic media since the late 1970s, had his own websites since 1995, and today has a forum, blog, and Facebook pages. Ian has also been a trade show presenter and seminar leader in several fields including training in media relations. Currently, he is a freelance writer, editor, website consultant, and a regular blogger.

Ian was a municipal politician for three terms, serving as councillor for an Ontario town of approx. 20,000, and sat on many municipal boards and committees for a decade prior.

Ian’s book Politically Speaking – Media Relations & Communication Strategies for Municipal Politicians offers an informed insider’s view of effective strategies and methods municipal politicians can use to communicate effectively with the media.

In his book Digital Connections: Social Media for Municipalities & Municipal Politicians Ian explores how social media is both a boon and a minefield for municipalities. For newcomers, this book is a practical guide about where to start. For municipalities already using social media, it offers thought-provoking issues: liability, staff access, compensation, security, and crafting social media policies.

The 2014 book Brands, Buzz & Going Viral is designed to help municipalities market themselves in a digital age – drawing on the various tactics, methods, and strategies used in successful marketing, public relations, branding, promotion, and social media, with source material taken from today’s hottest websites and bestsellers.

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