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This book is smart, thought-provoking, inspiring and easy to read,” says one reviewer.

Municipalities in Canada are at a crucial moment in history.

The property tax system is broken, relations between towns and cities and their provincial masters are often strained and cracking, and robust cities around the world are surging economically and culturally. Canada’s cities are at risk of being left behind unless the structure and financing of our communities changes.

Through exclusive interviews with mayors and political and government leaders from coast to coast, Gord Hume’s explosive third book on municipal government in Canada – Taking Back Our Cities – shines a bright spotlight on the complex, often convoluted and sometimes thorny relationships between our various orders of government.

The book is filled with candid, thoughtful quotes from present and past leaders. It also offers insightful comments and ideas from people who have been in the council and federal and provincial political trenches for many years. It includes innovative ideas and thought-starters from the author, and provocative truths and challenges from Canadian political leaders “on the inside.”

It is the first book to analyze and assess municipal government from this perspective. As one reviewer said, “This book should be mandatory reading for every elected official in Canada.”

How can this country’s cities successfully compete internationally in this 21st century with a municipal tax system devised in the 17th century and a governance model from the 19th century?

Canadian cities need to change the conversation. Taking Back Our Cities by Gord Hume is the starting point for this long-overdue and badly needed conversation.

Gord’s book will make you question traditionally accepted standards and practices, wonder about how we got into this mess, sometimes make your eyebrows lift in shock, and sometimes make your lips smile … but, most of all, it will make you think.

To contact Gord: gord@gordhume.com or visit http://www.gordhume.com

“This book provides a valuable contribution to the future existence and vitality of cities – Maybe this will become a mandatory read of Municipal Councils across regions? Should be. Maybe some of them will recognize themselves (good and bad) in the text?”

Approx. 172 pages



“Mr. Hume: Have just finished your amazing and insightful book “Taking Back our Cities.” As a ‘recovering municipal politican’ myself, I commend you on work and the many insights you share. Your book should be mandatory reading for any first term city councillor or Mayor. Same thing for every Premier and Minister responsible for Municipalities. As one who served his community for six years and fought for the largest capital building project in our community’s history, I can say that I’ve read just about everything that’s been published over the last couple of decades on Cdn municipal politics. As someone who also wrote a weekly newspaper column in both Ontario and BC for over seven years, I’ve come to have a great appreciation of great writing. Your work is, hands down, the very best I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading on the subject. While I borrowed your book from my local library, it’s already been put at the top of my list of 2012 Christmas presents I want from my kids. I want your book in my personal library. Thanks for an amazing piece of work.” Bruce Beck, Abbotsford, BC

Hume offers “dozens of insightful comments from those who ‘get it’ – some of Canada’s most high profile current and former municipal, provincial, and federal leaders … The book is chock-full of gems that will be invaluable to any municipal leader going forward as the work toward sustainable, predictable funding for municipalities continues.” Read the full book review from the Association of Municipalities Municipal Leader

“A terrific and timely book.”

“Should be required reading for every Mayor, Councillor, MPP and MP and their staffs, media etc.”

“Your thoughts about councils, their strengths and shortfalls made me reflect on my past 7 years in municipal government through a different perspective…”

“A good read for people who care about cities…”


“You should have been a carpenter, Gord; that is to say, you keep hitting the nail on the head. Keep up the good work.”

“A timely and very readable book.”

“Loved the book!”

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