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About Copyright

A word about copying …

Each month we receive many requests regarding photocopying of articles and forms. All Municipal World published material is protected by copyright law.

Copying of any Municipal World form is strictly prohibited. These forms have been developed by Municipal World to meet all ministry regulations and statutes and in consultation with our clients. They can be purchased through Municipal World at very reasonable costs.

Municipal World magazine is available for purchase in hard copy format only. Should you wish to have access to particular articles for wider distribution we have a number of different options available.

The best solution is to purchase the right number of copies of the magazine for council and staff of your municipality and/or organization, so that each one of them can have the benefit of the information that we are able to bring to you each month.

To facilitate this, our circulation department has quantity discounts at different levels. We have rates for a single copy, 2 to 5 copies, 6 copies or more. There are also longer-term discounts available and, for our clients who wish to maximize savings on magazines and products/services, we have our Charter Program. The Charter Program offers higher quantities of the magazine at 30 percent to 50 percent off our single copy rate, as well as offering discounts on our other products and services and, discounts with other organizations. We have a level to suit your situation.

If you need copies of a specific article, we have back issues for sale at a cost of $9.95 per copy. All prices are subject to applicable taxes and shipping charges. In the alternative, depending on your purpose, a customized digital version of the article may be available for purchase. For details, contact our circulation department at 1-888-368-6125, ext. 204.

Unauthorized copying hurts everyone!