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This search engine will allow a full keyword search on our classified index of Municipal World articles for the years 1966 to 2013, with 10,161 entries.

Search results are returned in order of date, with the most recent articles first. Users then have the option of selecting those articles they wish to receive and can place their order directly. Back issues will be shipped at the single copy price of $7.95 plus $3.05 for shipping and handling, for a total of $11.00 per issue, plus applicable taxes (shipping within Canada price.) PAYMENT TO BE PREPAID BY VISA or MASTERCARD. If you are an existing Municipal World client we will invoice you.

For out of Canada orders, shipping and handling charges vary. We require payment in advance of shipment for out of Canada orders. VISA/MasterCard accepted.

If you need help to narrow your search, see our Keyword List.

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