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Digital Connections: Social Media for Municipalities & Municipal Politicians

(2012) ISBN 978-1-926843-02-5 – CHADWICK Item 0076

Social media: everyone’s using it today. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, blogs, and photo/video sharing sites. These and other services have literally hundreds of millions of users. But what does it mean for your municipality? Or for you as a municipal politician?

Is it a potentially huge audience for marketing, business attraction, staff recruitment and even votes? Or is it all hype?

What services should you use? What are the rewards and what are the risks? How do you measure success and failure in social media? How do you measure activity and response rates? Who owns and controls usernames and passwords? How do staff update and monitor your municipal pages in social media?

Social media is both a boon and a minefield for municipalities. For newcomers, this book is a practical guide about where to start. For municipalities already using social media, it offers thought-provoking issues: liability, staff access, compensation, security and crafting social media policies.

Ian Chadwick is the author of Politically Speaking: Media Relations & Communication Strategies for Municipal Politicians (Municipal World, 2012). He has been a municipal councillor since 2003, and is a veteran of 40 years working in and with the media: newspapers, radio and TV.

Ian began using computers in 1977 and has worked on them almost every day since then. He has been building websites since 1995, and today consults on website design and interfaces, maintains a blog and forum, and is an avid user of social media.

Approx. 128 pgs.

$29.95 each

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