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Brands, Buzz & Going Viral

(2014) ISBN 978-1-926843-07-0 – CHADWICK Item 0077

Brands, Buzz & Going Viral: A sourcebook of modern marketing strategies, tips, and tactics to promote your municipality

It’s a jungle out there. Every town and every city is clamouring for attention, looking to attract tourists, business, industry, residents, and government funding. What can your municipality do to stand out above the noise and be heard?

You need a carefully constructed campaign using all the tools available to market, promote, brand, and advertise your community.

Ian Chadwick (author of Politically Speaking and Digital Connections) offers a guide to the various tactics, methods, and strategies used in successful marketing, public relations, branding, promotion, and social media, with source material taken from today’s hottest websites and bestsellers.

Brands, Buzz & Going Viral is a vital resource for everyone involved in municipal marketing. For politicians, it explains the pros and cons of the many processes, tactics, and strategies used to get your municipality the attention you want. It won’t guarantee success, but it will arm you with the tools, methods, and directions that provide a solid foundation for building a successful campaign.

Approx. 128 pgs.

$29.95 each

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